Billie Creek is a 501 C3 operated by the Sanatorium LLC. Gregg Larson, owner and operator purchased management rights in April 2022. With a couple of regular employees and a lot of volunteer help Billie Creek is slowly coming alive again.

Gregg Larson

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Jordan P.

Steve Cecchin
Business Manager

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Sam H.

Michelle Mundo
Site Manager

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Village Cat

Short for Lightblub or Lucifer, you pick.

Bill Mundo
Facilities Manager


Billie Creek Village was founded in 1969 by the residents of Parke County. Nestled strategically between Highway 36 and Old Highway 36 it was a choice spot for a tourist attraction. It spent decades as a top destination to experience a living history “museum”. Offering demonstrations in blacksmithing, candle making, milling, and more. The village thrived for a long time.

An Unfortunate Decade

The village hit a rough patch in the early 2010s that led to the beloved village being closed down. It sat for that time with very few events and even fewer visitors as the management was afraid of visitors getting hurt in the abandoned village. Many people in Parke County were sad to see it stand unattended.

Revival and Rebranded

When Gregg Larson purchased the operational rights to Billie Creek Village he hopes to revive the beloved buildings to their once glorious state. Now referred to as “Billie Creek” we host weddings, private events, and even paranormal investigations throughout the year, the income from these events help to restore the village and offer free entry into the village.


Thank you TO you

We want to thank Parke County, and you, for your support while we rebuild the village. We know how excited everyone is to see things happening and want to remind you that good things take time. We’re doing our best to pace ourselves so that we do things in a way that will last lifetimes. We are a small team with big ideas.

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