We’ve got answers

Where is Parking?

Parking is in one of three lots. Our main parking lot is in front of the Admissions building, off of the main road. For events, we use the field to the east of Billie Creek Rd; usually there is a parking attendant for events to help you navagite. Our last parking lot is our overflow lot, please do not park here unless directed to by an employee.

When are you open?

We are open dawn until dusk daily. The exception is private events, in which we will be closed to the public.

Can I bring my pet?

Sure! As long as they are on a leash and picked up after. Pets will not be allowed in the historic buildings to maintain the integrity of the buildings.

Can I pet and feed the animals?

We have lots of animals on site! Please be gentle when interacting with them and if they move away, do not follow them. And please: never feed our animals.

What is the speed limit?

It is 5 mph. Please do not go faster.

Beeson bridge is never safe to drive on.

Can we play/swim in Billie Creek?

You sure can. You do so at your own risk.

Can I go inside the buildings?

Only if they are unlocked for an event. Many buildings are locked due to safety concerns of the building itself, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.