Billie Creek Bridge

 The Billie Creek Bridge was named for the nickname of the creek. Built in 1895, this bridge replaced an earlier one constructed by J.A. Britton in 1880. That bridge is thought to have been an open bridge, which deteriorated rapidly because of lack of covering.

Joseph A . Button also bid on this bridge. The bids for the superstructure included J.J. Daniels, $820; and J.A. Britton $845.

The abutments were handled separately. They were constructed by J.L. Van Fossen out of cut sandstone. The sandstone was cut and hauled from A.E. Fuel’s quarry less than a mile away.

The Daniels – Van Fossen association continued with the construction of the replacement Roseville Covered Bridge, in 1910. J.P. Van Fossen was the contractor, while J.J, Daniels was purported to be the onsite foreman. All three of the Van Fossen Bridges closely resemble the J.J, Daniels bridge patterns, including the “Daniels Arched Portal”.

The bridge was on the Pikes Peak, Plank Road, and Ocean to Ocean Road that became US 36. Like the Sim Smith Bridge, it was saved by rerouting the highway and was not destroyed.