Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

When the Catholic congregation of St. Joseph’s in Rockville decided to build a new church, they offered the old structure to Billie Creek Village. It seemed for a time that the historic church would be destroyed as the money needed to move the building was not available. Time was not on the Village’s side as the new church was waiting to be built. In the “12th-hour” the $10,000.00 necessary for the move was donated by Mrs. Anton (Tony) Hulman of Terre Haute, Indiana.

The church was originally erected in 1886 and served the Rockville congregation for 85 years. The interior boasts a vintage communion rail, altar, pews, early nativity scene and other items. The church rests on a sandstone foundation. The later addition of a front entry has been removed.

The church’s original location was on East Ohio Street (U.S. 36) in Rockville where the new St. Joseph’s Church now sits. The only difference being that the old church faced west, as it does now, and the new one faces North.