Beeson Covered Bridge

 The Beeson bridge was built in 1906 by the Frankfurt Construction Company. Marshall, Indiana and was named for adjacent landowners when it was built. It is of Burr Arch Construction and is 55 feet long, 16 feet wide and has a clearance of 13 feet.  The Beeson Covered Bridge is the only remaining bridge in Parke County built by a professional construction company. It originally crossed Roaring Creek on the back road from Marshall, Indiana.

After surviving 70 years of sun, storms and flood it was closed to traffic in the late 1970’s.   The bridge has suffered two arson attempts, one on August 9, 1979 and the other on August 15th of the same year.  If you look closely at the beams towards the bridge’s ends, you can still see burn marks from those attempts.

    As the result of a joint effort by Parke County, Inc. and Billie Creek Village, the bridge was dismantled and the frame moved to the Village in the spring of 1980.   After a complete restoration, it now serves as the stately entrance to our Village.