Beeson-Deplanty Log Cabin

┬áThis log cabin was built in the 1830’s on Roaring Creek, northwest of Marshall, Indiana, in Parke County’s Washington Township.

The William Beeson family owned the home in the early 1900’s and gave financial assistance towards its restoration. Dale DePlanty actually gave the home to the Village and together the “Beeson-DePlanty” Cabin was moved approximately ten miles to the Village in 1969.

The cabin is 18 feet by 22 feet. The logs are poplar, hand-hewn and shaped with an adz. An adz is a hand-cutting tool that has a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and is chiefly used for shaping such wood. The floor is made of sassafras wood. No nails, spikes or straps hold the structure together. What you see between the logs is a yellow clay mixture called “chinking”. This was in keeping with early building practices. Some of the chinking is still intact after 100 years.

It is of special interest to note that – the Beeson Covered Bridge and the Beeson-DePlanty Cabin lie in the same geographical style as they did when originally built.